Sennelier Oil Pastels

Sennelier Oil Pastels
Sennelier Oil Pastels

Everything to know about Sennelier Oil Pastels

Before you buy your next set of oil pastels, please read everything in this article.

If you want to truly explore and discover all that the medium has to offer, you need to try Sennelier oil pastels!

When it comes to exploring this vibrant and dynamic medium, Sennelier is a brand that consistently offers all the positive qualities in oil pastels. With a variety of sets ranging from a compact 12-count box to a full collection of 120 colors, there are options for artists of all skill levels.

Oil pastels sticks
Sticks of oil pastels

Why Choose Sennelier

Sennelier makes the ideal oil pastel. As an oil pastels artist, I have been using Sennelier oil pastels almost ever since I discovered them. But what makes them so special and so unique?

The following is a list of reasons to use Sennelier Oil Pastels:

  • Creamy and soft texture: Unlike the cheaper oil pastels that feel more like hard wax crayons, Sennelier oil pastels are so smooth and buttery, ensuring ease of application and blending.
  • Effortless glide: The soft texture of Sennelier oil pastels allows them to glide easily across various surfaces, which contributes to making your creative process enjoyable and hassle-free.
  • Excellent blendability: Sennelier oil pastels are perfect for blending and layering, allowing you to achieve a range of artistic effects and styles.
  • Vibrant colors: These oil pastels have vibrant, lustrous and brilliant colors, ensuring your oil pastels art grabs attention and makes a lasting impression.
  • Rich pigment content: Sennelier is a brand that doesn’t cut corners. Their oil pastels have a high concentration of pigment in their oil pastels, resulting in exceptional saturation and intensity.
Oil Pastels Painting
Oil Pastels Painting, using Sennelier Oil Pastels

The Downside (the expense)

The only drawback to Sennelier would be the expense of them. Sennelier oil pastels are consistently one of the more expensive brands available today.

So if you want to use them, you’ll have to pay extra. But that is true of any artist-quality medium, whether that is in painting or drawing or using other mediums like soft pastels.

The thing is, you get what you pay for. In my opinion, the extra cost of Sennelier is worth it. The rich pigmentation and superior performance of these oil pastels really makes them worth the investment.

Why Sennelier Oil Pastels vs Lesser Quality Brands

Lesser quality brands of oil pastels don’t provide the same pigment in the medium, and so you aren’t going to get the same quality artwork as a result. Drawings with Sennelier are typically more vibrant and have more brilliant colors – which last longer too.

I’m not saying that other brands should be avoided, and I’m also definitely not saying at all that it isn’t possible to create great artwork with a lesser quality medium.

At the end of the day, it’s not about the brand or the quality – it’s about you the artist!

But if you’re looking for rich, vibrant colors, and want an oil pastels medium that is soft and easy to blend, my recommendation is with Sennelier.

There really is no “best” oil pastels. Ultimately, when you select an oil pastel brand it depends on individual preferences and your own artistic goals.

For artists seeking outstanding quality, brilliant colors, and improved ease of use over others, Sennelier Oil Pastels is my top choice.

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